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“El curso de OPC me ha ayudado a aclarar conceptos y a descubrir que al ser una tecnología estándar lo podemos utilizar con diversos fabricantes, lo cual es muy útil para nosotros.”
José Guijarro, ROCHE Farma

“Gracias al curso de Tecnología OPC he consolidado muchos conceptos que había adquirido con la práctica y con las llamadas al soporte técnico de MatrikonOPC. Creo que es una formación fundamental para aquellos técnicos que se enfrentan por primera vez con la tecnología OPC, y es una apuesta de futuro para cualquier tipo de compañía que valore debidamente sus DATOS.”
Francisco Almagro, Ingeniero Técnico en Informática de Sistemas, BEHR Spain

“I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I have been, as a partner and user, with the entire training process offered by MatrikonOPC. I recommend their training, as well as products and services, to colleagues and customers alike whenever the opportunity arises.”
Joseph Cody. Data Integration Engineer. Novaspect, Inc.

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of MatrikonOPC’s Server, and we appreciate the support we received from their personnel during the integration process”
Ralf Naseband, Senior Engineer and owner of GIA

“We were completely impressed with the MatrikonOPC staff and their knowledge of the OPC specifications. MatrikonOPC was not only concerned with making it work to the specifications, but also sensitive to our needs for fast query response required from an industrial trending control. Throughout the implementation and testing phase, MatrikonOPC continued to work out small details until we were satisfied.”
Kevin Moran, Senior Staff Specialist Motiva Enterprises

“The installation and configuration was easy and straight forward. I am very impressed with this OPC server.”
Gerard Kamps, BELLT-GCA Project Leader

“We chose MatrikonOPC software because it is so easy to use compared to other industry offerings. The installation was fast and simple and our training in Edmonton was invaluable. The overall support received from MatrikonOPC was excellent.”
Rajkumar Manickavasagam, ATSCO Project Leader

“I would highly recommend MatrikonOPC software to anyone that requires Honeywell PHD data using the open OPC-HDA standard.”
Kevin Moran, Senior Staff Specialist Motiva Enterprises

"We selected MatrikonOPC's product because of its strict adherence to the OPC specifications. The support staff did an excellent job, so our experience with MatrikonOPC has been very positive, and our client has pursued additional business with us."
Scott Cloherty, Project Manager for TransAmerican Automation